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Last update: March 10, 2016 

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Center for Genetic Resources Information, National Institute of Genetics

SAITO Kuniaki

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Fundamental genes vital to the mechanism for living, such as self preservation; continuance of the species; adaptability and evolution can be found in every species. Drosophila has a total of 13,000 genes which is about half of the genes found in humans but a large amount of these genes (approx. 70%) were discovered to have similar functions and shows significant homology to humans. Moreover, the number of genes in Drosophila that is elucidated exceeds those of other organism and Drosophila has an overwhelming amount of mutant strains. A facility capable of accumulating large amounts of strains, managing their preservation and efficiently providing them to researches is essential to the development of life science researches. Also, the possibility of creating mutant lines applicable to all genes by Drosophila causes the increased interest in it as a model organism. Therefore it is our objective to accumulate mutant lines comprehensively, preserve genetic resources essential to post-genomic research and establish a fundamental organization to support researches.

The objectives of this project are as stated below.
1) Accumulation, preservation and distribution of Drosophila's genetic resources.
  Genome-wide resources such as mutants, wild strains, transposon-inserted lines, transformed lines, which are important to life science research are accumulated, preserved and developed. These resources are distributed to researchers upon request.
2) To preserve and distribute Drosophila mutant lines and to maintain RNAi lines.
3) To accumulate, preserve and distribute Drosophila produced in Japan.
4) To organize training courses for Drosophila classification.
5) To conduct genome analysis
The construction of BAC libraries by Genome Research Center, RIKEN and after that, the preservation, distribution and database release of it.


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