Take advantage of the National BioResource Project

Please understand that the acquisition cost will be roughly double that of non-profit organizations or academic institutions (education / research).
Depending on the resource, the acquisition cost will be similar to that of commercial organizations or non-academic institutions, even in the following cases:

・ Joint research of an academic institution and a non-academic institution
・ Research by an academic institution commissioned by a non-academic institution
・ Research and development by an academic institution, aiming at profit (including research and development for the purpose of obtaining patents, etc.).

[Acquisition costs for all resources – Click here for a quick reference table (for non-profit organizations and academic institutions): AnimalsPlantsMicrobesCells / DNA materials ]

Basically, the use of such resources for research follows the same procedures as for academic institutions.
*Some resources (providers) have additional notes in the MTA.

The handling of resources for commercial use other than research will be based on an individual negotiation and contract with a right holder (in many cases, a resource depositor) or right-holding institution. As a first step, please consult with the NBRP staff in charge of the target resource.

As with the acquisition of resources, if you have resources that may be deposited, we would appreciate you contacting us.
You may add usage conditions on the use of your deposited resources, such as restrictions on the citation of published papers or usages, individual license agreements for commercial use, etc.
Please contact the NBRP staff in charge of the target resource.