Steps for obtaining bioresources

1) Search

From the Resource Search page, select the desired biological and genetic resources (bioresources) and access to the website (purchase database) managed by the respective resource providers (universities and research institutes).
Find the desired resource from the resource list or search page.

2) Ordering

Order from the web-order system or by direct inquiry.

When or after ordering, you must send a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA); and depending on the resource provider, you may also need to submit the following documents:
– Order form
– Approval form (when the depositary adds terms of use)
– Written acceptance to receive animals carrying recombinant DNA materials (in the case of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)).

Formal orders will be placed after the required documents, such as the MTA, have been completed and confirmed.
▶We are currently converting the MTA into electronic form to speed up the ordering process.

3) Preparation for production and provision

It takes time to provide organisms that have a long life-cycle. Also, the time required for provision varies greatly depending on the strain or line’s proliferation capacity and storage status (e.g., for animals: living body or frozen (embryo or germ cell), season, etc.).
Please consult with the respective resource provider and place an order as soon as possible, for optimal use of this system.

4) Confirmation of receipt date and acceptance system

When the ordered resources are ready for provision, we will contact you to adjust the acceptance date and make a final confirmation of the delivery destination and acceptance preparation.

5) Transport / 6) Receipt and notice of receipt returned

7) Receipt of invoice and payment

The payment methods differ depending on the resource provider and delivery destination (Japan or overseas); you can use a bank transfer or credit card payment, or both. Please consult the respective resource database website.

In addition to providing resources, we publish experiment and breeding protocols related to subjects on our website, and hold technical training seminars.
Please use these services when you consider the introduction of a new bioresource.