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Experimental Animal Division, RIKEN BioResource Research Center

Atsushi Yoshiki

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Mice are essential model animals to understand our health and overcome complex diseases. RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) has collected and preserved mouse models for gene function and human diseases created in Japan and has become a global hub for mouse resources. To meet research and social needs, our mice are cleaned-up to specific pathogen-free state, strictly monitored for their health, and accurately tested on their genetic modifications and backgrounds. Genomic, gene expression and phenotypic information are added to enrich their value to establish mouse resources of the world highest standard. We promote backupstorage of frozen embryos and sperm to protect our resources against disasters.

RIKEN BRC is a founding member of the Federation of International Mouse Resources (FIMRe) and disseminates mouse resources developed by Japanese scientists by registering mouse strains in the International Mouse Strain Resource (IMSR). Moreover, we have collaborated with the Japan Mouse Clinic and participated in the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) to contribute to basic medical sciences and drug discovery by producing genome-wide knockout mice, generating their phenotypic data, and making them available to scientists around the world.


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GFP-LC3#53 (BRC No. 00806)
This is the first transgenic model which can visualize autophagy by expression of a fusion gene encoding the green fluorescent protein and the LC3. In eukaryotes, autophagy is considered to play a key role in maintaining homeostasis. When this transgenic mouse is subjected to stress, autophagy can be detected through cytoplasmic green fluorescent signals. The photo shows cardiac muscle with such fluorescent signals.
Images were obtained by confocal laser scanning microscope
MSM/Ms (BRC No. 00209)
The MSM/Ms is a Japanese wild-derived inbred strain. The MSM mice are active and alert, resistant to cancer, and have a frugal predisposition, making them promising resources for research on higher brain functions and lifestyle-related diseases. The MSM is especially useful for uncovering novel functions of the genome through the availability of MSM genomic BAC libraries and their end sequence information.
Cre-driver mice
RIKEN BRC provides over 100 tissue-specific Cre-driver mice which express Cre recombinase in specific tissues or cells. As seen in the right figure, Cre recombinase expressed specifically in the gut epithelium, resulting in deletion of a floxed stop sequence and expression of lacZ reporter (blue staining). The Cre-driver mice are essential tools to generate tissue/cell-specific conditional knockout mice.
Cre-driver mice


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