Feedback of Research Outcomes

We ask the research communities and researchers to support the NBRP activities in the following two ways. The first, is to provide the information on academic publications that made use of NBRP resources. The second is to deposit your bioresources to NBRP. We thank you for the continued support by the researchers and research community.

Registering the Details of Academic Publications

As part of our project, the NBRP collects research outcomes, such as information on academic publications that made use of NBRP resources, in order to add such information to the NBRP resources. Accumulation of such data on the resources and publication in a database will further enhance the value of the bioresources. We request the bioresource users 1) to describe “the name of the bioresource and its provider” in the Materials and Methods section or the Acknowledgements section of an academic publication and 2) to send the publication information to the NBRP Core Facility, upon publication.

You can also register the details of your academic publication from the Research Paper Online Registration Site

Depositing Bioresources

It is important to make newly developed bioresources continuously available to research communities in order to advance life science research in Japan. As such, we welcome any deposits of bioresources to institutions that take part in the“Core Facility Upgrading Program ”. Once a deposit is made, these institutions will reproduce, send, and document the resources on your behalf.

Depositors can add various conditions for third-party-use of the deposited resources. These conditions include, citation of certain publications, restrictions on purpose of use, and requirement of separate license agreement for commercial use.

If you are considering making a deposit, please look up the institutions taking part in the “Core Facility Upgrading Program” and contact the appropriate institution for your bioresource.