Feedback of Research Outcomes

Collection of Research Paper Information

Accumulation of research outcome using bioresources can further enhance the value of the bioresources . NBRP is collecting such research outcomes, and integrating them into the NBRP database. Therefore, we would like to request the bioresource users 1) to describe “the name of the bioresource and its supplier” in the research papers and 2) to send the paper information to the NBRP Core Facility, upon publication of research outcome using the NBRP resources.

Please visit to the Research Paper Online Registration Site for easy feedback of such information.

Deposit of Bioresources

It is important for the development of life science research in Japan to make the newly developed and collected bioresources continuously available to research communities. In this project, these resources will be deposited with the appropriate institutes for implementation of the “Core Facility Upgrading Program ”. These institutions will do the work of reproducing, sending, and documenting the resources needed to provide research communities on your behalf.

Depositors can add various conditions for using the deposited resources, such as citation of published articles, restrictions on purpose of use, and requirement of separate license agreement for commercial use.

For consultation on deposit, please contact an appropriate institute for implementation of the “Core Facility Upgrading Program”.