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Last update: April 2, 2020 

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Gene Engineering Division (DNA Bank), RIKEN BioResource Research Center

MURATA Takehide

〒305-0074 3-1-1, Kouyadai, Tsukuba-shi
Tel : 029-836-3612
Fax : 029-836-9120


Genetic experimental materials, such as plasmid and viral vectors, genomic and cDNA clones, have become one of the most important and fundamental research tools for life sciences. Genetic materials are now widely utilized in numerous fields of life sciences, not only in basic researches such as analyses of gene function and control mechanisms of gene expression but also in applied researches such as development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic methods, drug discovery and material production. The Gene Engineering Division of RIKEN BioResource Center (BRC) has been engaging in the collection, preservation, quality control and distribution of genetic materials developed in Japan by individual scientists and by various national projects.

Recently, genetic materials can be prepared easily by means of, for example, polymerase chain reaction. However, such materials often contain accidental mutations and produce dubious experimental results. To provide domestic and international scientific community with genetic materials of the highest quality and reproducibility, the Gene Engineering Division performs rigorous quality control by testing growth and propagation, restriction enzyme mapping and nucleotide sequencing of clones. Relevant information such characteristics and methodologies is provided via the web site of the RIKEN BRC. For the best use of genetic resources, training courses of advanced technologies are also given.

The Material Transfer Agreement is used for each transfer of genetic materials to protect the intellectual property rights of developers and to define the responsibility of users. We have opened a path of the academic use of genetic materials produced by using advanced research tools owned by commercial entities. Deposition of genetic materials in the RIKEN BRC frees researchers from time consuming preparation and distribution of materials to fellow researchers. Furthermore, deposition increases chance of collaboration and citation of research papers. Your deposition of genetic resources in RIKEN BRC Gene Engineering Division and use of these resources are most appreciated.


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