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NBRP Genome Information Upgrading Program Project's Progress


Focus Generation of high quality genome sequence of Gifu accession of Lotus japoncius to accelerate NBRP resource application
Principal Investigator Shusei Sato   Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University
Project Period FY2015
Overview   Lotus japonicus has been widely used as a model system to investigate the genetic background of legume-specific phenomena. The genome sequences of L. japonicus have been analyzed using the earliest flowering accession, MG-20, as a reference. In the previous program, we carried out re-sequencing of two types of RILs collected by NBRP program. By applying the information on high density SNP markers and high resolution genetic map obtained based on RILs re-sequencing data, improvement of MG-20 genome sequence information has been carried out.
  With the aim to establish the genome information on the accession Gifu (B-129), the other widely used experimental accession of L. japonicus, we are going to accumulate the Gifu genomic sequences by using PacBio RS II sequencer and the end sequences of BAC clones constructed from Gifu genomic DNA by applying 3D-pooling system. By taking the advantages of the long reads from PacBio platform and high density anchoring marker information based on RILs re-sequencing along with newly analyzed BAC end sequences, we will be able to generate high quality genome sequence information that will accelerate the application of information and material resources in NBRP.

Lotus japonicus accession Gifu
Project's Progress