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NBRP Fundamental Technologies Upgrading Program Project's Progress


Focus Development of transportation systems for mouse and rat resources
Principal Investigator Atsushi Yoshiki
Experimental Animal Division, RIKEN BioResource Center
Project Period FY2007–2008
Overview The first phase of NBRP saw RIKEN BRC and Kyoto University become major world centers for mouse and rat resources, respectively. Both centers have distributed high-quality mice and rats to the scientific community. To accelerate life science research that utilizes these resources, we must establish a fast and smooth transportation system to distribute resources meeting the world's highest-quality standards. Key issues for this transportation system are to comply with the Cartagena Law and the Law Concerning the Protection and Control of Animals, while maintaining the resources at maximum quality. This project addresses the following subjects: 1) development of safer containers for live transgenic mice and rats by conducting performance tests; 2) development of a simple method of transporting unfrozen embryos and sperm by investigating appropriate preservation conditions; 3) establishment of an inexpensive method of transportation for frozen embryos and sperm without using liquid nitrogen. RIKEN BRC and Kyoto University will cooperate with each other and collaborate closely with Kumamoto University, a world leader in cryopreservation technologies for mouse and rat resources, to solve these issues. The ultimate goal of the project is to develop secure, safe and inexpensive transportation systems for the benefit of life science researchers.
Project's Progress Conference for Laboratory Animal Science and Technology 2008 Poster etc.