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NBRP Genome Information Upgrading Program Project's Progress


Focus Resequencing of the NBRP collected resources intended to upgrade the genome information of Lotus japonicus
Principal Investigator Shusei Sato   Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University
Project Period FY2014
Overview   Lotus japonicus has been widely used as a system to investigate the genetic background of legume-specific phenomena. The genome sequences of L. japonicus have been analyzed in Japan, and they have been improved by adding the sequence information generated from Illumina and 454 sequencers to transform the genomic resources of L. japonicus to facilitate functional genomic studies. Currently, the size of updated genome sequences reached 400 Mbp covering nearly 99% of the transcriptome sequences. However, a significant number of short contigs are still on unmapped.
  In order to upgrade the genome information on L. japonicus, we are going to resequence two types of RILs collected by NBRP program. By using obtained sequence information, we are going to genotyp the SNP sites on the genomes of resequenced RILs. Based on the assigned genotype information, we should be able to anchor most of the unmapped contig on the pesudomolecules of the reference genome. We will also resequence wild accessions of L. japonicus, and SNPs between these accessions and reference Miyakojima accession will be analyzed to integrate the information into the catalog of natural variations in L. japonicus accessions. The information accumulated by this program will facilitate the application of information and material resources of L. japonicus.

Project's Progress