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NBRP Genome Information Upgrading Program Project's Progress

General Microbes

Focus Genome sequencing of eukaryotic microorganisms of NBRP general microbes
Principal Investigator Moriya Ohkuma  Microbe Division/Japan Collection of Microorganisms (JCM), RIKEN BioResource Center
Project Period FY2014
Overview   Microorganisms harbor various useful functions owing to their great diversity. They are extensively studied in various research fields. Biological functions of a wide variety of microorganisms attract much attention in responses of current environmental and energy issues. RIKEN BRC-JCM as the core facility of “General Microbes” in NBRP has been engaging in collection, preservation, quality control, and distribution of microbial resources of bacteria, archaea, and fungi. Many researchers have been accomplished using the microbial strains from JCM.
  The aim of this program is to determine genome sequences of various eukaryotic microbial strains useful for researchers, in collaboration with RIKEN CLST/DGT. The sequenced microbial strains and their genome DNA will be available from RIKEN BRC and the genome information will be open at public DNA databases. These genome sequence data and microbial resources will contribute to advance in researches focusing on biological functions of eukaryotic microorganisms as well as general microbiology.

Yeasts and filamentous fungi with a wide variety of functions
Project's Progress http://www.jcm.riken.jp/cgi-bin/nbrp/nbrp_list.cgi